This site is dedicated to the hoshin kanri (方針管理, ‘Direction Management’ in Japanese),
which has been in use since the 1960’s to align the objectives of organisations all their employees.
It is sometimes called ‘Policy Deployment’, but we believe in the top down AND bottom up elaboration of the Hoshin, involving all levels of the company.

We believe that Hoshin Kanri is essential to Lean,
because it guarantees the crucial part of ‘doing the right things’.

For creating the Hoshin of your organisation, please click here to enter our open source eHoshin application, and after registering by yourself, choose either to create a hoshin document for your organisation, or participate to a public project, like Lean 2040, the Hoshin for the next 25 years of Lean.

And here is the link to go to the eHoshin application

Tutorial: 2016_lean_summit_uk_ehoshin-workshop

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